Extended Stress Test of Alastria Blockchain Network by asvin.io

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2 min readDec 10, 2020


Asvin provides solutions for trust, secure update distribution in Internet of Things and monitoring of Software security for the entire life cycle. In 2020 the company has been awarded as best german cybersecurity startup. asvin has developed open-source solutions to secure and monitor the software for IoT applications in industry and consumer devices. Companies and IoT operators can minimize and control cyber security risks in IoT business by asvin. The solution includes smart contracts by using Hyperledger Besu in the Alastria Blockchain Network. During a Fed4Fire+ (https://www.fed4fire.eu/) experiment the scalability and latency of the overall system architecture has been approved on an extended stress test emulating 100.000 Internet of Things devices.

How asvin is using the Alastria Blockchain Network

asvin.io utilizes blockchain nodes to securely and efficiently store security patches and device metadata. The setup of blockchain server is an open-source enterprise-grade permissioned Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

Our cybersecurity startup has been selected for Blockchers (https://blockchers.eu/) program in which we worked with Alastria and assembled Hyperledger Besu (an Etherium client) in our platform for blockchain solution. Now the asvin blockchain component is powered by HyperLedger Fabric and Besu to record all process logs. It facilitates a very secure platform. All parties in the network are authenticated and every transaction happening among them are stored in an immutable distributed ledger.

The Fed4FIRE+ Experiment on Extended Stress Test of asvin.io showed high performance of blockchain nodes during high traffic of requests. Figure 1 shows the total number of requests to the alastria Blockchain. The server was smooth and seamless while handling soaring read and write requests from thousands of devices. The response times of each requests had an impressive improvement. Figure 2 represents the response times of Blockchain nodes.

Figure 1: Blockchain server total requests
Figure 2: Blockchain server response time

The asvin architecture with Alastria Hyperledger Besu Blockchain Network

About asvin

Foundation: asvin GmbH founded September 2018.

Industry sector: IT Services, Cyber Security

Business model:

asvin offers solutions by “Software as a Service” and supports companies by Service and support.

Company headquarters: Stuttgart, Germany

Website: https://www.asvin.io

Managing Directors:

Mirko Ross, CEO

As co-founder and entrepreneur Mirko has over 20 years of experience in ICT Business development. He is committed to security in IoT and contributes to cybersecurity



Alastria Blockchain Ecosystem

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