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Nov 23, 2018

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Spanish companies and institutions are joining forces to turn EU in a blockchain world reference

Madrid, November 21
The European Union hosted a roundtable “connecting the industries in Europe to lead the blockchain based technologies”. In this session, the main point was to improve the global innovation UE strategy in alliance with public administration and private corporations.

The Alastria’s CTO, Jesús Ruiz represented 329 members of the consortium in Spain (organizations, public administration, small, medium and large companies). Companies as BBVA, Santander, Telefónica and SAP (Alastria’s members) also participated in this meeting.

The European Commission is already working within the European Blockchain Partnership, with 27 countries to develop a common blockchain infrastructure that allows everyone to operate in a safe way within the current legal regulation.

The Alastria’s CTO, Jesús Ruiz says that the consortium “supports the initiative and makes available all the knowledge, experience and even the association itself to evolve towards a European association, that is to say to build the European partnership on Alastria, that this is a European initiative”.

The event was attended by the European Commissioner for Economy and Digital Society, Mariya Gabriel, and the General Director of DG CONNECT, Roberto Viola. The meeting focused on the opportunity to explore a market of 500 millions citizens and the challenges to public and private organizations.

The session attracted 41 companies and institutions with the aim of transform Europe into a global reference in blockchain. During the presentation they highlighted the model of the Alastria consortium, which has been working for more than a year in a infrastructure and a Digital Identity that will boost the digital economy in our markets.

About Alastria

Alastria is a non-profit association that builds a blockchain basic infrastructure (Red Alastria) and a Digital Identity Standard (AlastriaID) that allows transactions with legal validity in Spain. Alastria is a consortium with 329 members in various sectors and specialist areas (november 2018). The Alastria’s members collaborate and compete in the same network, that provide tools to develop blockchain strategies to create products and services in spanish market.

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Alastria’s communitation

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The first Public-Permissioned Blockchain network in Spain and Europe with multisectorial associates. Alastria is a non-profit association.

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